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Push and Pull
Date Created: October 20, 2010
Push & Pull
I respect what you believe
And I respect your wish to leave
But don't you try to justify
The painful breaking of my heart
I'll take your hurtful words
No matter how absurd
But I'm not about to
Let my cries of hurt
Just go unheard
You can cut me from your life
But can't cut yourself from mine
I watch you let me fall
Without a single look behind
I never ask you to change but
You act like I do
And now things won't be the same
Between me and you
Never ask you to change but
You act like I do
And now things won't be the same
Between me and youuu...
-possibly more lyrics-
-guitar solo-
[I scream this next part:]
-more sick bass and guitar and drums-
[work in progress]
:iconalyneko:AlyNeko 1 4
Familiar Face
You caught my eye the moment you
Walked in through that door
The second I saw you I could've sworn
That I've met you before
Your eyes reflected all the same
Questions in my head
I get the feeling this ain't the
First time that we've met
You looked a little confused
But at the same amused
And I could certainly get used to this
New feeling I can't dismiss
You're looking at me
You catch me looking back too
And neither one of us knew
Just what to say or to do
So I just...
We eh ent with iiiiit
And you went right alo-ong wi-ih-ih-ith-ih-ih it
Yea we just weh eh ent with iiiiit
And I'm so glad that we just went with it
[work in progress]
:iconalyneko:AlyNeko 0 3
BEHOLD. PLATYCAKES. by AlyNeko BEHOLD. PLATYCAKES. :iconalyneko:AlyNeko 10 12 E S C A P E by AlyNeko E S C A P E :iconalyneko:AlyNeko 2 2 After a day of adventure... by AlyNeko After a day of adventure... :iconalyneko:AlyNeko 3 5
Your Nightingale
I am your nightingale
Which sings you to sleep
Our love, a white rose
Its thorns pierce me deep
The petals are soaked
In my blood and my tears
I sing out my love
Though you'll never hear
No one sees that I'm dead
No one cares that I'm gone
Do you like the bright red
Of our rose on your lawn?
I'm sure that she will
Once you give it to her
And you'll both fall in love
Just as you and I were
:iconalyneko:AlyNeko 1 10
Date of creation: 2010, New Year's Day
I start out this year
with a wine glass of tears
and a bittersweet toast
to the boy I miss most
:iconalyneko:AlyNeko 3 5
Letters of Love and War
[Notes: I don't really consider this to be done... still going to add stuff to it, but this is what's gonna stay as is.]
Letters of Love, and War</b>
Love, will you wait for me
While I am at war?
While I'm at war with myself
For in order to get out of this mess we're in
This is a battle that I have to win
I'm not afraid to put us on hold
Boy you and I are far from old, you know
So just relax, we'll take this slow
And if this means you have to go... away...
and I don't get to see you for a couple of days...or weeks... or months...
Baby, I will wait
:iconalyneko:AlyNeko 2 10
Music is...
Created: December 20, 2009
Credit goes to Sidonie Gabrielle for the first line:
"Music is love in search of a word." --  Sidonie Gabrielle
Music is...
Music is love in search of a word
It's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard
I hear it play when you look my way
Music expresses what one cannot say
:iconalyneko:AlyNeko 0 0
I'd Do it Again
Date of Creation: December 17, 2009
I'd Do it Again
Do you remember that night I showed up at your door?
It was so dark I couldn't see the sky anymore
But I made myself stay
And my fear went away
When you opened right up and you let me right in
.... and I swear on my life I would do it again<3
:iconalyneko:AlyNeko 1 0
Pour My Heart On Paper
Created on November 10, 2009
Pour My Heart on Paper
Pour my heart on paper
Hang it up to dry
I guess I have to end this
'Cuz you refuse to try
I wiped your tears away and gave you what you need
And now you've left me broken
Watch the colors start to bleed...
:iconalyneko:AlyNeko 0 4
Created: November 5, 2009
[Work in Progress]
Never thought I could feel this way
I never once saw this coming
Never have I seen the sky look so gray
It rains from my eyes
Oh no I can't seem to let this go
But oh I just can't take it anymore
And I know
Though you don't let it show
That you are just as torn in two
By the distance between me and you
:iconalyneko:AlyNeko 0 6
Don't Throw it Away
Date of creation: November 14, 2009
Don't Throw it Away
It all happened so fast
My mind was a blur
Now I'm kicking myself
for those sorrow-spun words
that I shouldn't have said
cuz it's not like they would have made a difference
It's already over and done
and I know I'm the only one
that hasn't let go
But I thought I should let you know
That I hold on to all of our memories
So I won't throw them away
And I won't ask you to stay
Just as long as you promise me
That you will never
Throw away the memories
Don't you throw away the memories
No I won't get in your way
And as long as you treasure
our time spent together
Then that's all I have left to say
How long must it take for the truth to set in:
That I'll never see you or kiss you again
Although time tends to fly
And 8 months have gone by
I still find myself waiting and asking God why
And I won't throw this away
Still, I won't ask you to stay
Yea it's already over and done
I know I'm the only one
Just thought I should
:iconalyneko:AlyNeko 2 11
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Hay guise~
Guess who's alive? x'DDD
Yup. ME.

I'm not annoyingly "emo" and my journals will no longer be melodramatic! Everybody now, "YAAAAAAY!"
norly. I foresee many a happy day and and and I'm in college now so no moar of that boohoo bullshit >:P

Although I will admit, depression makes for some interesting art/writing :P
...which I will be uploading once I stop being a lazy doof!

But yea, I'm happy now. I've grown up a lot and I've found someone I've been waiting and hoping for, for a very long time =]

In other news~

I'M IN A BAND NOW! While it's not the kind of music I connect with the most, it's still extremely fun and a great learning experience for me :P
I felt it was relevant to my watchers because~

And I'm the singer/keytarist! ^~^

Yup. This journal has now become a shameless plug. dealwithit.jpg

Here's our site bitches~

oh and here's our facebook page!




Anybody miss emo!Aly yet? trollface.jpg


Aly V
United States
Current Residence: In a box<3
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Dance, Techno, Whatever I feel like listening to at that moment.
Favourite photographer: Gustavo Youngberg<3
Operating System: Mac OSX
MP3 player of choice: iTunes
Shell of choice: Turtle xD
Skin of choice: Mine? lol xD
Favourite cartoon character: Roxas
Personal Quote: "The most valuabe lessons in life aren't learned on a chalkboard."


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